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World map for the comic by persephone-the-fish World map for the comic by persephone-the-fish
So here's a world map, with the original, much smaller map inset. This map also includes some landmasses I made up for other stories. Like I said, I LOVE making maps for some reason.

Figuring out where to put deserts and forests and rivers and shit is really fun even if I'm probably getting it all wrong. For all I know, a planet like this, with this distribution of land, would be all ice or all desert or something, though with a moon or two to keep the axis stable, and a land distribution that encourages current flow in the oceans, I think this is not too far fetched in terms of terrain types and stuff. If you look at the Earth, you notice that the rain forests tend to be around the equator, the deserts and grass lands in the temperate zones, and forests once again up to the ice caps, so I try to aim for the same sort of climate distribution when I make up a map.

I like to fill in cities and names and shit as I go through the story . . . MAPS!
Shadow-breaker Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Hobbyist
Great Map i really enjoy looking at maps and things people make for thier stories, also i like the metyhod you've used to make it too especially a top-down method starting with a lot of detail in the area that the story is based and filling in the rest later asyou go along its the way i usually do it as well. Good stuff makes me want to redo mine again.
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
Well, I do make up some locations that might never even get touched on in the story I have in my head, but it is useful to look and see if either I already have something mapped that would fit, or where to put something once I decide I need it. Also, terrain affects all sorts of things like travel time, plant and animal types, and culture, so having a rough idea of geography helps me decide where borders should be and how different countries might potentially interact. And stuff.
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