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Spelunking 40 by persephone-the-fish Spelunking 40 by persephone-the-fish
Damn, 40 pages. Just one more, then it's over! HOOWAH!

Any way. Character background. Midnight was created by :iconsuperashbro: but I needed to know something about her to write for her, so I made some shit up. Here it is.

Midnight Rogue
Age: 22
Physical: Dark brown hair and eyes, pale skin, medium build, on the shorter side
of medium height
Rhauksha Scout for Memorial library, close relationship with entire family.


Mother: Celia Del-Hien, age unknown, Nightmare.
First generation gate crasher, frequently away from home due to her nature
Tall, with 7 point antlers. Black eyes, blue hair, nearly white skin

Father: Doyle Rogue, age 57
Dark brown hair and eyes, olive skin, short but muscular build
Former scholar at the Memorial Library in Kharassol. Fascinated by
pre-gate legends from a young age, when he traveled north into the ruins
of Garaneal he met Celia, and being immune to magically induced
emotions, saw her as she was and fell in love. Being fresh crashed,
Celia was surprised and alarmed at her lack of effect on him, but they
got along well and eventually got married. As a Nightmare, she had a
difficult time integrating with his family and community in Kharassol and
as a result traveled a lot. After Doyle retired from the library at 50 they
moved to Kellior where she had an easier time integrating in part because
of the large gatecrasher community there. Kellior is also Doyle’s home
town and where Midnight and Shadow spent most of their childhoods
while their parents traveled.

Brother: Shadow Rogue, age 19
Rhauksha, physical appearance of a nightmare and none of the magical
effects of illusion or fear inducement. Currently deaf but reads lips very
well as well as fluent in Cordic signing. Scheduled for cochlear implants
(which are magic) after his 20th birthday which will enable him to hear.
Cannot see in the dark and is ironically vulnerable to nightmare illusions.

Midnight is an employee at the Memorial Library in Kharassol as a scout for archaeological sites in old Garaneal. Like most scouts she is resistant to magic, a handy trait near the Gate, but she is less than scrupulous about leaving sites untouched before alerting the Library about their location. Like most scouts, she pilfers the most valuable and easily salable items as a supplement to her otherwise low income.

Her shadow is an illusion bourn of her nightmare blood and has power only in darkness. Reading the deepest fears of those around her, she shapes the shadow into their darkest nightmares, but does it all subconsciously, unable to stop or control the illusions. She has no ability to feed on the fear her shadow creates and so avoids situations where she’ll be around vulnerable people in near or total darkness. She is also able to see in total darkness due to her shadow inheritance.

Whimsical, with a good sense of humor, she is quick to make friends, but she hides a serious side under her apparently flaky exterior. Trained in self defense, remedial magic and basic rune reading as part of her scouting duties. She talks to her shadow when she’s alone, and is also affected by the illusions it creates, though she is immune to the fear it induces in others. As a half nightmare she is vulnerable to anti-illusion magic but cannot be injured by it. It just hurts like a bitch.

God, my internet is fucktarded today. Anyway.

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