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Spelunking 38 by persephone-the-fish Spelunking 38 by persephone-the-fish
Haha, I'm such a slacker! Any way.

Well since it was :iconsuperashbro: 's idea to group these characters together it's gonna be his character to suggest their traveling together. I'm sorry about the bunny, :iconbosshamster:, but I couldn't help myself. I guess it's because the bunny is magic. Yeah, blame it on that.

Next massive overdose of information pending in 3




1. Lestach – creatures of human height but slender build. They have pastel blue or green skin, silver eyes and black, dark blue, dark green or dark purple hair. They also have sharply pointed ears, webbed fingers and toes, and small, nonfunctioning wings on their backs. These wings have two long spines each, with webbing stretched between them, and can extend out, flap and fold flush to the back. They also make clothing awkward.
- Lestach/human Rhaukshas are generally only distinguishable from their human parent by their incredibly pale skin, a trait shared by all rhaukshas but one that stands out in the Kaslenian region where olive and mid brown skin tones are the norm. They also have the distinguishing trait of heterochromia, where the iris of each eye is a different color. They always have one silver eye, the same color as their Lestach parent, the other eye being the same as their human parent. Further, aeromancy is a fairly common trait of the Lestach rhauksha, though other magic types are rare
-Lestachis are the only fey officially allied with a human nation, and are fairly centrally organized.

2. Baspar – humanoid, closely resembling Lestach in build and coloring except for the eyes – Baspar have gold eyes instead of silver- the main physical differences between Lestach and Baspar are their wings and ears. Baspar have bat wings, though they are small in proportion to their bodies, and nonfunctional. Also, their ears are pointed, and consist of two cartilaginous projections in parallel; double pointed ears, in other words. Their fingers and toes are also not webbed. For whatever forgotten reason, they and the Lestach have declared each other enemies, though neither side seems very aggressive toward the other.
- Baspar rhaukshas share the pale skin and heterochromia of their Lestach counterparts, but their eyes are gold instead of silver. Also, they tend to have pointed ears, unlike Lestach rhaukshas. They vary rarely become aeromancers, but usually are pretty decent at magic otherwise.
- While not officially politically allied with anyone, probably because they lack organization and are pretty loosely affiliated, Baspar co-exist well within human society, and don’t take their conflict with the Lestach seriously at all either.

3. Shape shifters – the most mysterious of the gate crashers, rarely seen and most secretive, as well as the most diverse. This group includes Nightmares, Specters and werecats.
- Nightmares are creatures half composed of illusion, and take their shape from the subconscious of those they feed off of. They feed entirely on fear, an emotion they attempt to produce through their shape shifting. The Nightmares’ true form is that of antlered, white skinned humanoids with bat wings projecting from their backs, long pointed ears, a prehensile, forked tail and blue hair. Nightmare rhaukshas are rare due to only 15% of the human population being able to tolerate a Nightmare’s presence due to immunity to magically induced fear or natural ability to penetrate illusions. Rhaukshas typically resemble their human parent in all but shadow, which is an illusion, and their pale, pale skin. One out of every ten rhauksha physically resembles the nightmare parent, though with no illusion capability.
- Specters strange creatures said to be wholly magical in origin. They are similar to nightmares in that they are partly formed of illusion, and they draw their illusions from the subconscious of their victims. Unlike nightmares, specters induce feelings of tranquility and happiness rather than fear. Those immune to these effects say they are ghost like, floating, nearly transparent creatures who barely look human, with long, white hair and entirely black eyes, and unnerving to look at. The Lestach claim they are emissaries of the gods, the Baspar say they are wild magic run out of control. They seem to try to communicate when they appear, but no one has ever been able to translate or understand their messages. There are no specter rhaukshas.
- the werecats, the only entirely physical shape shifters, are able to transform into winged humanoids or winged cats roughly the size of tigers. They do not like the company of other species, so no one has been able to learn much about them. They cannot fly, and seem to have a strong group mentality. No rhaukshas of this species has been observed.
- no other types of shape shifters are known to exist, though rumors of dragon shape shifter are beginning to come from people near the Rhyan mountains in western Aschryo.

4. Dragons – giant, scaly, highly intelligent and very powerful both physically and magically, these things have the ability to create their own gate when so inclined, thus they existed in some small numbers long before the Gate Incident. However, their population virtually exploded after the Gate Incident, and so they are classified with the other gate crashers. Highly territorial, they have chosen to make the Great Rhyan mountain range, the continental backbone of Ternosh, their home, thus making the mountains impassible even to air ships. Unlike the gentle native sea dragons, they are violent creatures ready to kill any they consider trespassers. Part of their anger stems from the value their remains have for unscrupulous and foolhardy magic users as powerful naturally magic materials, and thus their graveyards are often desecrated by the unwise. They are rumored to reach up to 200 feet in length, and fly by naturally occurring rune like structures formed in their massive wingspans.
- reports from Aschryan border patrols recently have begun recording migrations of small dragons of at most 20 feet long, but still apparently adult, leaving the mountains for destinations across the ocean unknown. Why the dragons are so small, where they are going and why they are leaving are all mysteries. The patrols also state that these small dragons are capable of shape shifting, though how they could when no dragon has ever before displayed that ability also is unknown. Some speculate that the increase of magic has affected the dragons in unpredictable ways as it has affected the entire world in the 800 years since the gate disaster.

5 – Further information on Rhaukshas – the catchall term for all human/fey hybrids. As a rule they are fertile with either parent species, so technically all rhauksha producing peoples are one species, but whatever, it's magic. Over all they are pale skinned and generally smaller in stature and build than full humans, more robust than fey. The most common Rhauksha heritage is human/Lestach at 52%, with human/ Baspar second at 43%, the remaining 5% consisting of those with both Lestach and Baspar as well as human ancestry, with nightmare rhaukshas as less than half of 1% at only 189 individuals ever being officially recorded. The Rhauksha population of Aschryo is quite high, with 68% of the population claiming at least one fey ancestor in the past 5 generations, and even the new Queen being a quarter Baspar. This is only natural as Aschryo is Garaneal’s only neighbor and now territory holder. Cordem and Nixopria have the next highest, though Rhauksha inhabitants of other continents are currently very rare. No rhauksha has ever demonstrated increased aptitude for magic over the population norm. In fact, in Cordem Rhauksha inheritance has been linked to a decrease in magical aptitude over all.

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DragonScholar Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
You realize this is DANGEROUSLY close to going to series.
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
It's also DANGEROUSLY close to the end. I have the next and final three pages all plotted out, finally. I KNEW what I was missing from my creative life was Forensic Files on the tv while I draw! Something about all that discussion of motives and evidence trails is just so conducive to plotting. Don't get me wrong, Law and Order is a fine substitute, but crime documentaries are the real deal. Anime only helps me do bead work, for some reason.
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