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SPACE X OCEAN: Romance Captors by persephone-the-fish SPACE X OCEAN: Romance Captors by persephone-the-fish
An entry for the latest Seventh Sanctum contest, Anime Mania [link] , this is the poster for the exciting but oft forgotten late nineties cross dressing anime Space X Ocean: Romance Captors. Made in 1998, localized in 2001, this 26 episode series features the adventures of Miho Sasake, a cheerful, bubbly and forceful girl who desperately wants to become a fighter pilot in the World Interstellar Defense Force (the redhead), and Umi Kamenosuke, a quiet yet passionate merman who fell in love with a human, and who has a month as a human to convince his beloved of his feelings (the green haired lady with an adam's apple).

Miho screwed up in her entrance exam to the Defense Force school for potential pilots, and so has changed her identity to Miho Sakura and is cross dressing as a boy to get a second chance at her dream. While at the beach with people who only know her as a man, she gets seperated from the group when an accidentally wet shirt could reveal her secret. She discovers Umi, the prince of the Sea Kingdom, who was given a set of human legs and a chance to find his true love on land, while she has her shirt off to dry it in the sun, and before he has a chance to find some ladies clothes.

Don't ask why she's stupid enough to take her shirt off at a beach while trying to pass as a guy. Logic has nothing to do with romantic comedies, we all know that.

The catch of Umi's curse is that he has to spend his time on land as a woman, and must confess his love without ever dressing as a man. Miho and Umi discover each other's secret goals right off and swear to help each other, and the first 20 episodes are spent in comedic fish out of water type hi-jinks, wacky odd couple type slapstick as they try to live with each others' quite different concepts of tidiness (she's the slob, he's a neat freak), fanservice as they seem to be completely unable to open a door without the other being behind it and half naked, and Umi's constant confessions of love to Miho's class mate Azumi Makoto being constantly misinterpreted in various ways by the oblivious love object, and his growing feelings for Miho, and Azumi's continual confessions of love to Miho being rejected because Miho is in love with Umi, and also actually a girl, which Azumi doesn't know.

The series takes an abrupt shift in tone as it suddenly discovers it needs more plot, when Miho's secret is discovered by Azumi, and Umi realizes he has only two days left to get his true love to share his feelings. Also aliens start attacking to really add to the tensions, and all the new recruits, including Miho, take to the skies to fight. Everything gets resolved in the final episode when Umi confesses his love to Miho, Azumi falls in love with the super handsome alien leader, and the alien leader calls off the invasion to live happily ever after with Azumi.

This poster is some early promotional work, with just the main characters. Fan favorite Azumi is not on any of the early products because her popularity was a surprise to the producers. The plethora of bishojo and bishonen characters make this popular with the otaku, but the yuri and yaoi tones that are introduced due to cross dressing also add greatly to its popularity with some fans who like to write vivid and horrible alternate world fan fics in which either UmiXMiho (yaoi), UmiXMiho (yuri), and any combination of AzumaXMiho/Umi, are actually what they pretend to be and have hot gay sex with each other when no one's looking.

The manga the show is based on is ongoing and has a drastically different plot line, which the anime only follows broadly, covering only the first few volumes of the so far 23 volume manga as it does, kind of like the manga and anime versions of Fruits Baskets or the first Fullmetal Alchemist, for example, except the anime version of Space X Ocean has way more fanservice. The plot derailment in the anime is more like D.N.Angel's anime and manga versions.

Ah, I'd actually want to watch this anime or read the manga. I love cross dressing in anime and manga. Just look at my collection of W Juliet if you don't believe me. That manga's basically all about Makoto's cross dressing for love.

By the way, all the names in the description were randomly googled, and the text for the title are bablefish translations. I have NO idea if that's actually the correct type for the title. And for once (!!!) the title generator was the only generator I used.
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mysticcookie Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2010
Ha the poster is awesome but the story is amazing! You should totally pitch that to someone...somewhere...
Great job on it all, and I really really want to watch that Anime now!
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Heh, somehow I doubt anyone's looking for pitches right now from some random chick on the tundra, money being thin and the market for gender-benders being mostly internet based and all. Though I've probably put as much effort into this as most shows on Adult Swim get. Seriously, does ANYONE think Assy McGee [link] is a good idea?
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
It looks like you even did the katakana!
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Details are important! I :heart: Bablefish.
liealatoto Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
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