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Hard to Impress by persephone-the-fish Hard to Impress by persephone-the-fish
This is my entry into the seventh sanctum Generator Free for All contest.

While two arch enemies battle it out with their weird math magic, the cat-boy who's supposed to be helping his flying master with the blond guy's various minions sits out the fight, enjoying the harlequin romance that is "the Earldom's Annals." He wards off attack with a non-localized invocation cancelation, created through the power of not caring.

Generators used:
-sword generator
-catguy generator
-general person generator
- weapon generator
-room/location generator
-magical phenomena generator
-dark minion generator
-mood generator
-tavern name generator
-legendary creature generator
-fantasy race generator
-lost civilization generator
-villain generator

More specifically:
-Sword Generator: This sword has a blade whose form suggests a feather. Its' grip is wrapped with purple leather with butterflies sewn into it. The pommel is shaped like a fist clutching a sapphire. -- held by flying woman

-Catguy Generator: This energetic catguy has large, yellow eyes. He has short, straight red hair with gray streaks, worn in a classical style. His fur is red. He has an athletic build. His tail is short, thick and carried straight. He usually wears a complicated outfit just meant for a rave. It's hard for him to sit still for long periods of time. -- in forground

-General Person Generator: This noble woman has round blue eyes that are like two chunks of lapis lazuli. Her thick, wavy, jet black hair is waist-length and is worn in a simple, severe style. She is very short and has a graceful build. Her skin is deeply-tanned. She has a high forehead and a small nose. Her wardrobe is unusual, and is completely yellow and blue. -- flying lady

-Weapon Generator: Gyroscythe -- held by human

-Room/location generator: Ruined Plaza -- background

-Magical Phenomena Generator: Cascading Psyche Grid, Negative Psyche Torus, Non-localized Invocation Cancellation -- the magic and hazy filters in between combatants

-Dark Minion Generator: Night Piercers -- the little bird things

-Mood Generator: Hateful, Extremely hostile, Sociable on the surface, but mean-spirited underneath -- expression on human's face

-Tavern Name Generator: The Tiger and the Raven -- in the rubble in front of ruined building

-Legendary Creature generator: This creature is formed from the souls of deceased duchesses. It looks like an alligator warped into the form a deer. It is missing a tail. It leaves a trail of blood wherever it goes. -- the bleeding monster

-Fantasy Race Generator: Air Dwarf -- the flying woman

-Bookspinner: The Earldoms' Annals -- what the cat's reading

-Villain generator: This mystical magus is driven by thrill-seeking. He employs demonology in his schemes, usually bargaining with demons to achieve his goals. He fears the future. -- the human

-Bishotron: This gentleman's slate gray eyes are those of a cobra waiting to strike. He has shoulder-length, curly, ivory hair which has a form that reminds you of a peacock's tail. His physique is noteably slender. -- the human again
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2007
And you're one of our runners up!
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
I'll be posting your entry tonight!
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
Cool Thanks!
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