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May 11, 2009
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Chaos Sunrise by persephone-the-fish Chaos Sunrise by persephone-the-fish
This is an entry for the Characters - Extreme! contest for Seventh Sanctum [link]

So let me introduce you to Chaos Sunrise: This gentleman has droopy blood-red eyes. He has neck-length, straight, royal purple hair which has a form that reminds you of a pair of wings. His body is rather sleek. You can't help but compare him to a cobra waiting to strike. He has prominent cheekbones. (bishotron) This sword's guard is arc-shaped. Its grip is formed like a chimney with smoke coming out of it. (sword generator) Purple Pendant of Muteness and Charisma. Spirit's Armguard of the Screamer (magic item generator)

So, this guy has a nice tattoo on his right arm, and also lots of layers, tight bell bottoms, and also he can't talk because of the pendant that he can't take off. It's CURSED! Ooo. The armband was an attempt to counteract the pendant. It doesn't work but he likes how it looks. I took the chimney smoke idea literally. I tried to use dawn colors in his clothing and in the background.
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Firstly, I'd like to wish you the best of luck for the contest :D Chaos definately has that Final Fantasy protagonist quality.

Secondly, with your permission I'd like to post a picture of my contest character, Midnight Rogue, teamed up with both Chaos and :iconbosshamster:'s Drake Legend, I got the idea from the following Collab: [link]
Ah, a man-sandwich? Okay, but ah, no penetration shots, please. I like my pr0n vanilla :jackdirt:

Also, good luck to you too!
:rofl: Don't worry, it's actually a pretty tame picture; just Chaos, Drake and Midnight exploring a treasure cave (no, that isn't a euphamism :XD:)
Love the outfit and the touches you put on this character. He looks like someone I'd like to see from "Final Fantasy" or "Kingdom Hearts". And before I end this comment: yum-yum, he's sexy. :3
ViridianSoul May 13, 2009  Student Filmographer
Wow, great job on his outfit first of all. I love the colors and all the little details =D I also love the name you chose, it seems to suit him well. (Assuming you picked his name after drawing him, which is what I did ^^; ) The fact that he can't talk is interesting- it makes him more mysterious and also makes him seem a bit innocent. It's really cool.

Good luck in the contest =)
Thanks on the compliment :D Actually I went with the name first: it sounded idiotic, so of COURSE I'd pick that! Then I ran through character descriptions until I found one I liked for the name. Wanted some other details to punch him up so went to other generators. I like the idea of muteness (I watched the Little Mermaid WAY too much when I was a kid) and the futile countermeasure is always fun, so on they went.

And good luck to you too!
ViridianSoul May 14, 2009  Student Filmographer
Your very welcome!

I actually had some names picked out at first- but then I found the description I wanted and none of them fit so I had to find another one. And I guess they all sound kind of idiotic (but in a fun way) And here I am trying to find one that actually sounded like a name, lol.

I like the idea of muteness too- I have the idea that it kind of increases a characters cuteness and that probably stemmed from watching The Little Mermaid too (also my favorite movie as a kid :XD: )

Thanks, we'll need it. There are some pretty good entries out there and the contest has barely started yet =D
That's pretty cool. The cursed magic item is a neat touch.
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